We finally got our new kiln into place. 3 doors, a door frame, a part of a wall, and the corner of a banister couldn't stop this monster from bursting into where it belongs. 
Great size inside, perfect elements and a fool proof controller, we'll be pulling masterpieces out of this for many a happy year!!!
We have a new Adult Class Starting next week, the 28th of February. I thought I'd try the earlier time of 7 to 9 to see if this suited people better, might be hard for people to come back into town if they get too settled at home in the evening!
There are also places still available in the Children's Class on Saturday morning from 11.30 to 1, its hard to stop the kids creativity once they get started into the clay!

Pots on Film

We have had 3 film crews in to us in the last week. RTE were in last Saturday to film a class as part of a reality TV show! 3 couples came in as part of a night out and had a great time making some bowls and vases and crazy masks! 
Then we had Kevin Payne and his crew in during the week to do 'a day in the life of a potter', following us from getting up to knocking off the lights at the end of the day. 
Then yesterday we had 'Dreamcatcher Productions' in to make a promotional video which looks absolutely brilliant even in the rough edit.

Really looking forward to seeing all 3 so I'l keep posted about when they can be seen!
Our Adult Evening Classes are starting tonight, Tuesday 8th January. We have been improving the workshop over the past few months and are ready to launch our new courses. Children's Classes will be starting next Saturday the 12th of January and all are welcome.